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Radiology VIP

Medical imaging technological advances have propelled radiology into the forefront of health care.
Diagnostic exams, such as CT and MRI, are now one of the most important tools used by your doctor for diagnosis, screening and treatment planning. 

Our RadiologyVIP ® Program has been specifically designed to provide personalized preventive and wellness services to our patients through medical imaging and by working very closely with their primary care physicians.
Our plan includes second opinion of current and previous examinations and a thorough discussion of disease process and alternatives among other benefits.

This service includes an Annual personalized radiology screening program ™ that takes into consideration each patient’s medical and family history.

This offering is in addition and independent to any conventional imaging study requested by your primary care doctor performed at our center, providing services not covered by most commercial insurances.

Our services are offered through a VIP or concierge relationship. RadiologyVIP ® Program greatly enhances the level of medical imaging care provided at most imaging centers or hospitals providing the ultimate in personalized radiology consultation and screening services for an annual membership fee.

Please contact us at 305-398-3575 or request an appointment online for an initial consultation and a complete explanation of services and benefits included in our RadiologyVIP ® Program

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