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Why MRI?

In contrast with other types of imaging, MRI technology does not use radiation and can produce detailed images of the body's "soft tissues", such as the brain, spinal canal, heart, muscles, joints, and ligaments. Today MRI is a primary tool for diagnosing conditions in a number of medical categories, including neurology, spine, body imaging, and orthopedics. MRI exams are quick and safe as long as you don't have any contraindications to the exam (please see below). The images produced by MRI scans provide some of the most detailed anatomical information available of the human body.

How Do I Prepare For My MRI Exam?

Prior to your MRI exam you may eat normally and continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor, except for MRI of the Abdomen or otherwise directed. For MRI of the Abdomen, we ask that you fast for 4 hours prior to the exam.

You will be asked to remove all jewelry, glasses, hearing aids, hair pins, and other metallic objects. We provide you with your own locker for your belongings. You may also be asked to remove dentures and wigs. You will be asked to wear a cloth gown. Additionally, you should alert your physician or HCI staff if you are pregnant or if you have any of the following: Neurostimulator (TENS unit) Surgical Staples Shrapnel or Bullet wounds Aneurysm Clips Internal defibrillator Pacemaker Any Elecronic implant or device Neurostimulation system Implanted drug infusion devise Any other metallic implants Non- MRI compatible Stent Hearing aid Artificial of prosthetic limb

If you have any type of metallic medical device, please ask the doctor that performed that procedure if the device is MRI compatible. If so, we will need a written confirmation from your doctor prior to the exam.

What To Expect?

Our highly trained MRI certified technologists will guide you effortlessly through the exam. You will be asked to change into a gown, remove your jewelry and wristwatch, and lie on the padded MRI table that slowly glides you through the MRI scanner. You will hear occasional thumping sounds. Do not be alarmed as these sounds are normal. You will be given ear plugs or headphones to insulate you from the noise of the MRI machine.

MRI technology is safe, and HCI follows all stems to ensure patient comfort during the exam. While most MRI exams are non-invasive, your doctor may request that you receive an injection of a contrast agent that provides a more clear picture of the area being examined. Exams typically last less than one hour, depending on the images required by your physician, and you can help ensure the clarity of these pictures by remaining as still as possible while the magnet operates. Our technologists will remain in constant communication with you throughout the exam to make your experience entirely comfortable and pleasant. Once your exam is complete and the images are produced your exam will be reviewed and interpreted by one of our Radiologists and a report will be sent to your doctor. If needed, our radiologist will communicate over the phone with your doctor to discuss the findings.

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